New / In Progress

If this was the 80's, I could make an album cover....  During the recession, the economy failed and I all I had was the occasional ability to say profound things. It stuck to me that no matter how far you have come, how smart you may be, you may still ultimately fail. 

Older Version

From Plants vs. Zombies.  I added drool and grass. changed the shading a little and toned down the background,

The bottom one is the logo I am using for myself. It's a flying lemur head with a Jolly Roger nose. The Lemur is because Lemurs are weird and evolved in an relatively isolated environment, like myself. The wings are a representation of dissociative fantasy that I try to encapsulate in my work. The Jolly Roger is because I think pirates are neato and have been called a type of pirate in my youth. Also I am incredibly morbid.  

This a self portrait of me done in acrylic and ink. If you place the painting against light, a shadowy lemur appears. I was trying to paint over the lemur because it looked dumb. Maybe it's secretively symbolic of me being secretly dumb. I do a lot of dumb stuff. For instance, I moved to Seattle on a whim with no money. That almost made me very homeless. That was a very dumb thing to do.  

Sometimes, quitting is the only real solution. And the more you delay quitting, the worst your situation can become. By quitting something, you can move on and move forward.