Neighborhood Pattern

"Suburbia Pattern" -    Made with Adobe Illustrator
Size   -  24" * 36" (at 300ppi or 7600px * 10800px )  

I made a series of these throughout my  life.  They are an attempt to mitigate my frustrations that the suburbs create. I grew up in a small picturesque town where everyone knew everyone and what they had for breakfast. The problem was that there was this force homogeneous nature forced upon everyone in order for everyone to get along. It seemed fake to me and kind of oppressive.

So in the end, I ended up where all the weirdos who can't fit in end up,.... Seattle. 
I like my neighborhoods crumbling and coated with a thick layer of graffiti. I like my downtowns tall and unapproachable. I like my people cold and distant as they scramble onto their next urgent appointment. It feels honest. 

Ironically, I found myself missing the very forced normalcy that I grew up fighting against. I just wish people toned it down here a little bit. I think there is something in the water...

 This pattern was inspired by M. C. Escher's usage of an isometric grid to create some of his most prominent illusions. A slope should not be possilble if this image was made with a realistic perspective.

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 I had originally designed a whole isometric setup complete with slopes and roads. I will inevitably go back to this when a project calls for it.