I have finally launched my site for my upcoming game, Numish. Click on the logo to go there now!

 So I have already made the initial designs for the player ships Numish. The idea was that I would have these to reference for breakable enemy ships. Late in the development cycle, I will go back and redesign all them. 

Ship Types  



Clamouara Amoura  


Stom _ V1 

Stom _ V2 

 Stom has already gone through one redesign. He would almost be impossible to animate with the initial version. 

 Stom is basically me. It's my game and I get to be in it!

The plan is that there will be 30 + playable characters and 20+ different play styles because I hate myself. 

 UX Design

 The is the initial menu that I made. It works but I am making a new one with a standardized template and a better control scheme. Also, this is not going to be the final name of the game. 

 Art Assets

 These were the first enemy designs i made for the game.

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